Put Me In The Game Coach…” I Want To Help America’s Military & First Responders!🇺🇸


“Put Me In The Game Coach…”  I Want To Help America’s Military & First Responders!

Story & Photos: Chief Elf Brad

ORANGE COUNTY, California, 3/27/2020: While the United States of America and the World is fighting on all fronts the Coronavirus,  Many American’s are sitting at home wanting to help. It’s like an Athlete wanting to badly get into the Game and say “Put Me In The Game Coach..!” Yes there are ways to Help your Country and your Local Community.

Here I am on today’s Red Friday Mission visiting my local Military at the Joint Forces Base in Los Alamitos California. I dropped off my first delivery of 250 rubber gloves to the California Army National Guard’s MP’s who are guarding and checking ID’s at Bases Main Gate. The rubber gloves will help protect them from any “Cuties” as they check ID’s and inspect vehicles coming on the Post. AND we are doing our part practicing Social Distancing too!

Many Military Unit’s on the Base are conducting Medical, Supply and Logistical support to help our fellow American’s that are being affected by the Coronavirus. Along with Wartime Missions, Training Missions and Humanitarian Missions throughout the Globe. Also since it’s a National Guard, Reserve and staging area for various government agencies many of them are also fulltime First Responders and are in the Medical field as well.

“The Yellow Ribbon America News & Campaign for America’s Military & Their Families was founded in March 2003 in Orange County California as a Non-partisan, Grassroots Effort to Educate & Unite all Americans on how to help our Nation’s Military and their families in their Local Community. Our approach is Simple – Locals Helping Locals – Local Businesses, Residents, Churches and Community Groups focus their Resources on Helping Their local Military Units and Their Families in their Individual Communities…”

For more information how you can help and do your part you can visit the www.YellowRibbonAmerica.org or email us at Info@YellowRibbonAmerica.org.

God’s good blessings to All and Keep Calm “Pray” And Carry On America!

~Chief Elf Brad

“On A Mission Helping To Keep America’s Freedom Alive…” Copyright © 2020 Yellow Ribbon America All Rights Reserved.

“Operation Christmas For Our Troops & Their Families” is a community outreach project of Our Nation’s Heroes Foundation and proudly supported by the Yellow Ribbon America News & Campaign for America’s Military members and their families. Our Nation’s Heroes Foundation is a California public benefit nonprofit corporation, with tax-exempt status under Sections 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, EIN: 46-4762128.


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