🇺🇸About Us & Why We Began…


On the Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001; the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda launched 4 horrific coordinated terrorist attacks against the United States of America…

Like many Americans we were shocked, saddened and angry and felt we wanted to do something to help our Country recover during this critical time in our Nation’s history.

In March of 2003, as America, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland prepared to invade Iraq, we realized America would now be fighting in two countries Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking forward we saw that the United States Military and their families would need the help and support of all of us American’s in what the Pentagon called “The Long War”. We believed now was our time to step up and help our local Military and their families. We wanted to help all our Branches of our U.S. Military first here in Orange County, California and where we could throughout the U.S. and to focus our efforts where we thought they needed it the most…


The Yellow Ribbon America Mews & Campaign for America’s Military & Their Families was founded in March 2003 as a non-partisan, grassroots effort to unite all Americans to directly help our Nation’s Military members and their families in their local community. Our approach is simple – locals helping locals – local businesses, residents, churches and community groups focus their resources on helping our Military and their families in their individual communities.

YRA at the OC Fair 2005S


To Unite America in giving direct help and support to our Nation’s Military and their Families in their Local Communities

We will provide a national community based framework to help organize America’s cities and towns, to deliver immediate and direct support to our numerous deployed, at home military personnel, their families and our Troops returning home.

The Yellow Ribbon symbolizes our commitment to honoring America’s Military who are proudly serving around the globe, their families, those who are missing in action, and those who have fallen.

Goals and Objectives

Yellow Ribbon America’s goals and objectives are to unite all Americans in this unique and most needed on-going mission by educating, motivating and assisting America’s communities to give direct support to their local military members and their families. To that end, the Yellow Ribbon America campaign provides a framework to organize and unite America’s cities and towns to deliver most importantly, local home-town and overall on-going community support to America’s deployed, returning military and at home military personnel and their families.

When our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members are activated and then deployed, a principle concern for them is for their family’s and loved one’s morale and well-being. The Yellow Ribbon America campaign has organized many communities to provide our military and their families’ help and local support.

The Yellow Ribbon America News & Campaign has helped America’s Communities to support their local Military Members and their Families through local community support efforts such as…

  • Inspirational News Stories About America’s Best & Their Families
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas Party Unit Support
  • Military Unit Family Day Events
  • Deployment Events
  • Welcome Home Events

At this time Yellow Ribbon America and Our Nation’s Heroes Foundation has opened our 2018 waiting list for Unit Christmas Party Support!

Just email us your Unit’s Christmas Holiday Party date and information, your Branch of Service, please state if you are a Reserve, Active Duty, National Guard component , how many military members are in the Unit/Unit’s, children’s ages, number of boy’s & girl’s, number of Single military member’s, your Unit’s State, city or town and your Unit’s Commander, Chaplain, Senior NCO, FRG, POC person,  individual military family’s contact information and we will contact you if there is Christmas support still available. At Info@YellowRibbonAmerica.org

You can also contact Military OneSource for help and support in your area at 1 (800) 342-9647 or visit their website at http://www.militaryonesource.mil.

Yellow Ribbon America has made great strides on behalf of America’s military members and their families, earning support and recognition from the California State Capital and Legislature and from both the California Republican and Democratic parties. This joint effort with local politics has given YRA a unique edge in helping to establish a non-partisan campaign that has organized hundreds of communities in assisting their local military and their families.

The Yellow Ribbon’s meaning has evolved from waiting for someone to come home, but in recent years, it has been displayed to show our support for our service men and women and to keep them first and foremost in our hearts and prayers. The Yellow Ribbon America Campaign is very proud of the fact that we have been able to help educate, inspire and activate America to give real help and support for our Nations Military and their families in their own local communities. We believe by uniting America to help their local Military and their families of our nation’s military, we have helped them to be able to focus on their mission – to fight for and protect our freedom.


THE CALIFORNIA STATE LEGISLATURE has recognized & awarded the Yellow Ribbon America Campaign for America’s Military and their Families.

“Yellow Ribbon America has made a significant difference in local California communities and in the lives of its people, and has taken to heart the responsibility to serve our nations military men and women and their families, and their efforts are deserving of acknowledgment praise, now, therefore it be…”

Operation Christmas For Our Troops & Their Families is a sponsored community outreach project of Our Nation’s Heroes Foundation and the Yellow Ribbon America Campaign for America’s Military members and their families.  Our Nation’s Heroes Foundation is a California public benefit nonprofit corporation, with tax-exempt status under Sections 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, EIN: 46-4762128.

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