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Congratulation’s To The Bercian Family!

September 2, 2021

Yellow Ribbon America and Our Nations Heroes Foundation would like to Congratulate and Thank Everth and Cynthia Bercian and their wonderful family of Corona, California, USA in winning the 2021 Silent Auction for the 2nd Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield!

The Wonderful and Historic “Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield” took a 7-Month journey to complete starting at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, California, USA and was first signed by Members of the United States of America’s 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Current Serving U.S. Military Members and Combat Veterans representing the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, and US Air Force.

From the US Marine Corp Raiders, USMC Force Recon, US Army Rangers, US Army Infantry and Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division , 173rd Airborne Brigade “Sky Soldiers”, US Army Soldiers from the 1st Calvary Division, “the First Team”, 10th Mountain Division “Clime To Glory”, 1st Infantry Division “Big Red One”, 2nd Infantry Division “Second To None,” 3rd Infantry Division “The Rock of the Marne” 4th Infantry Division “Steadfast and Loyal”, 25th Infantry Division “Tropical Lightning”.

And signed by US Marines, US Navy Divers, US Air Force Para Rescue and Combat Control Airmen, US Coast Guard Search and Rescue and Drug Interdiction Coasties. All Combat Veterans or been Awarded for Valor and Bravery, Bronze and Silvers Stars, Combat Infantryman Badges. Also a special Combat Veteran that served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars first in the US Army Air Corps than he joined the US Marines and then US Army! Thank you to “Tito” Ortiz former (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion and American Mixed Martial Artist who he and wife has visited our Deployed Troops in Iraq 5 times and supported our Christmas Drive before!

The Heroes who signed the Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield, served to Protect America during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria Wars and Conflicts. And Who Are America’s Bravest of the Brave who Fought to Liberate the Oppressed and the Enslaved throughout the World while Representing America’s Time Honored Values of God, Freedom, Family and Country.

Your gracious support of $2500.00 will help support the 2021 Operation Christmas For Our Troops & Their Families Christmas Drive and Unit Military Family Day Events! We met Mr. and Mrs. Everth and Cynthia Bercian at the very fun 2021 OC Fair in Orange County, California, USA! There whole family was wearing Captain America Shirts when they saw the  “Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield” it was meant for their wonderful patriotic and Veteran Military family to have it! We are catching up from last year where the 2020 China COVID-19 Government Event closures and limitations hurt our community outreach efforts greatly. But your family and other wonderful patriotic Americans have helped save the day!

Thank you also to Manny Koukoulas, Commack, New York, USA for donating the “Official Marvel Captain America Shield” that he purchased for our 2021 Operation Christmas For Our Troops Christmas Drive! We met Manny at the March 2021 Scottsdale, Arizona, Barrett-Jackson when he visited our Booth and saw the Inaugural Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield. When he heard about the Silent Action that we were doing and who signed and it would help our Military Unit’s and their families for Christmas he asked “are you going to do another one, I will buy and Donate to you a “Official Marvel Captain America Shield…”  Thank you Manny, God Bless you!!!

And  Special “Thank you” once again to MAJ Ashley, Company Commander, SFC Atkinson, Company Operations Sergeant and the wonderful Soldiers of C CO, 1st BN, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) CA ARNG for your great hospitality and for your help signing the 2021 Inaugural “Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield”. And being the first to sign the Second 2021 Our Nations Heroes Captain America Shield. We have Officially started another great American honored tradition. You truly are America’s “Best of the Best”. And it was great to see and have fun again with “MOAB” the very lovable C Company Boxer mascot when he and SFC Ken stopped by our Booth at the Huntington Beach 4th of July Festival!  May God’s good blessings and protection be with you and your families as you continue to deploy around the World on behalf of America. We will be here again to support you and your amazing families. You too can Help Support the 2021 Operation Christmas For Our Troops & Their Families Christmas Drive! 

God’s good blessings this 2021 Holiday Season!

Brad White, Founder & Chief Elf 🎅🎄🎁 Yellow Ribbon America News, Campaign & The Store, Operation Christmas For Our Troops & Their Families2004-2021

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